Security Upgrades

Improving locks and security throughout Basingstoke

ACE Security Services

If you want to upgrade the locks and security within your home, we can supply and fit many different locks and additional security items. These include (but are not limited to):

Lock and security upgrades in Basingstoke

Euro Cylinders

Euro cylinders (used in most multipoint locks) that are anti-pick and anti-snap, for added security. They can also be supplied with a thumb turn on the inside, meaning you don’t need a key to exit.

Mortice Locks

Mortice locks for use in timber doors and available with higher security features for upgrading your existing lock.

Night Latches

Night latches that are often used with rim cylinders on wooden doors. The latch itself locks the door on closing, removing the need to physically lock the door yourself.

Multipoint Locks

Multipoint locks that are commonly found in UPVC and composite doors.  These have several locks that engage when lifting the handle and therefore secure the door in several places, usually the top, middle and bottom of the door.

Multipoint locks
Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular and provide you with keyless entry to your property, via a key fob, card or an app on your smart phone.  You can also share virtual keys with others, permanently or just for singular entry.  When paired with certain smart devices you can also track who’s coming and going.

Additional security items include:

sash jammer

Sash jammers that can be fitted to windows and doors to prevent them from being opened from the outside.

lockable handles

Replacing handles for lockable versions on windows and doors.

window restrictors

Window restrictors to restrict how widely a window can be opened.

hinge bolts

Hinge bolts that prevent doors from being forced from their hinges.

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